What separates us?

A couple of weeks ago this is the question God whispered to me … And even since it has been a ‘shout out’ from every corner!

The question “what separates us?” has almost haunted me.  It keeps me up at night.  It has been preached everywhere.  It has been the topic of conversation in many places (and not always started by me lol).

So I have been meditating on it, praying on it, and most importantly, I have been seeking Him on it!

A year or so ago, before He started stretching me beyond my comfort zone, I would have answered by saying “I’m a good person, I have served Him, I have obeyed Him.”

But quietly God whispered back “it is one word – intimacy.”  Firstly – I am AMAZED that God can whisper in the chaos of my life, and secondly I am gob smacked I can hear Him 😉

But, whisper He did.  And His answer to His question has had me really thinking about my walk with Him.  If it is intimacy that separates us, then everything else must come from intimacy. “YES!” He says back to my passing thought.

So what is intimacy?  It is a closeness, a love, a devotion, a putting first.

Hand in hand

Do I put Him first?  Honestly?  Probably not!  Actually I don’t always put Him first.  I put Him first when it is easy, convenient, comfortable.  But He calls us to die to self, so I am not sure that this kind of scheduled, easy intimacy is what He was meaning?  In fact I know it isn’t!!

Now, in this fresh revelation, I don’t want the journey to become a guilt thing.  Or an I have to do it thing.  I want it to be a longing for, a hunger for, a delight in Him.  I know that He won’t call His son to marry someone that doesn’t love Him whole-heartedly.

What this looks like everyday is a purposed pursuit of Him.  A constant yearning for His still small whispers.  That He increases that I might decrease.  That old me can drift away.  She may become a distant memory, a past, a bygone time!  That Christ IN me may be first response because there is so much of Him that He flows out … in abundance.  I know this isn’t a new revelation, but it begs the question … why am I not doing it?

Right now … self, flesh, me, still responds first, most of the time.  First to respond when life gets crazy, when someone demands something a little more then I can offer at that moment, children need me, children don’t obey, husband lets me down, people frustrate me … I respond, rather then Christ in me!

And so while I was ‘preaching’ to my girls the other night after they had a massive fight, I found His heart pouring out of me!  And He spoke straight to me!

“If you take an empty cup and you put a teaspoon in, is it overflowing?  How about if you put a cup full in?  Will it then overflow?  How about a jug full?”  Yes, then it will overflow!  But what happens when you stop pouring?  

Wow … so I need to keep pouring!!  That is so cool God.  Not just a little here and a little there … but a POURING IN of You!  That’s what will allow the outpouring!

Long story short … it is INTIMACY that separates us.  That is what the world is longing for. For us to be so in love with Christ that He pours out of us and that is what draws them in to the Kingdom.  LOVE!  Love that comes from knowing Him, intimately.


4 thoughts on “What separates us?

  1. Yes, it is intimacy with Jesus/God and ‘Him in us’ which is the starting point of this journey. I was ignorant of this important fact for a long time until God, in His grace and mercy, intervened in my busy life and taught me this lesson Himself. This next leg/step of the journey is building on that intimacy with Him i.e. building intimacy with our spiritual family. So it now goes from being in-love with Him to being in-love with Him and those who belong to Him. So the dying to ourselves/our flesh is all part and parcel of this ‘intimacy’ process …. it’s all good 🙂

  2. Powerful stuff!
    I’ve been thinking about David – what was different about him, especially compared to Saul? He made some terrible mistakes, but God obviously still valued him highly, so much so that His Son is called the ‘son of David’. You can see it in the psalms – how David longs for God, and how he hates to be separate from God. When he sins, he recognises that he has offended God, not just other people. His heart is after God.

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