Am I the only one?

So, just wondering if I am the only one or if others struggle, on a daily basis, to spend time in the Word?

I know many don’t. Perhaps it’s a girl thing?  Perhaps a busy home schooling mum thing? Perhaps just a me thing?

Then when I do get time, other then reading and studying the word with the children, I mean when I get personal, quiet, still, alone time in His word, children wake early, I get distracted, I can’t stay on task, I re read sentences multiple times, the days to do list mulls round in my head! Does any of this sound familiar or am I in this battle alone?

I was reading another blog by a busy mum and was touched by what she wrote when referring to her time in the word.  Come expectant. Now that’s good!

So often I have come out of obligation, or fear that if I don’t I have failed Him that day. But I know He wants more. He wants me to come out of hunger for Him and expectation that He has something to say, something to change in me, something to teach me, something to bless me with.

Oh He is so good and I know He has so much for me. Time to step in, stop the excuses, set aside the distractions and come expectant for Him.

Easier said then done … Will someone hold me accountable??

Lord, help me to come into your throne room, daily, with an expectant heart. Please help me to seek your truth from your Word. Help me to learn, grow and be refined by You through the reading of your Word. And let it begin NOW!!


6 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. I am actually a lot better at it now than I used to be, but it’s still a battle. I remember a conversation years ago at a Christian coffee group, when one of the women said that she would find time to read the Bible and pray regularly when her kids were old enough to go to school. I wasn’t even homeschooling then, but I knew that was a cop-out, because we need Him now!
    It helps me not to get distracted if I read the Bible out loud. Also I make notes in my notebook, and I highlight verses that jump out at me. Also, the more you read of the Bible, the more connections you see, so reading portions from various books each day can be helpful, not just a section from one book.
    Lately I’ve been challenged to make prayer more of a priority, because it’s easier for me to read the Bible than to pray.
    I can hold you accountable if you like. 🙂 You can ask me too.

    • Great advise … Yes please hold me accountable.
      I woke early to do it this morning … And you guessed it … All FOUR children woke early grr 😦
      Glenn and I have started reading it together at night too. That helps and encourages me. Yay.
      Maybe you read for me and I’ll pray for you … Just kidding 😉
      Naggie xo

  2. Hi Naggie. You latest blogs reflect the answer to this question. Ask yourself these 2 questions. What do you find really easy to do without it being a chore or hard work. Whats the one thing that you don’t have to motivate yourself to do, you find the motivation is already there and you could get lost in whatever this thing is. After answering this question then ask yourself this 2nd question. Why is this the case?
    The answer to the 2nd question determines everything and determines why or why we don’t struggle to read His beautifully crafted and inspired living word.

    • Answer … SLEEP … lol … kidding!! When I really think about this … I love spending time with people, time in prayer, time singing out loud. But I guess they are things I can do without thinking too much. But His Word demands my attention, and finding quiet time round here is sometimes harder then one would think 🙂 Too much boogie-ing going on tee hee hee!
      He is giving me such a hunger for His word and such amazing revelation, that I am hungering for it ALL the time … Praise you Lord!!

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