I’ve noticed …

In this process of redefining, new birth, new life, I have noticed things are changing.  Things in me – my responses, my reactions, my idols, my priorities … me!!

I have noticed that when children misbehave the norm response is becoming lower voice, love, calm.  I have noticed a peace over our home like never before.  I am not resenting things like house work anymore.  I know that sounds random, but I use to feel ripped off that I had to clean up after everyone, often while they were all off having fun outside (or inside!), and no sooner had I finished but either the house was a mess again or the next meal was needed and another clean up ensued lol!  Come on, anyone who has ever dealt with children can fully relate!!

I have noticed the love between husband and wife has changed.  Our marriage has become a discipleship relationship.  It is such a blessing and a delight.  We chat more about God and the word then ever before.  We contend for truth together.  We can speak into each others lives.  We are journeying together towards eternity.  He is showing us the parallels between marriage here and in the life to come, and He is using submission, love, forgiveness and each other to do it.  Wow.

Just a side note – I am not trying to say we have reached perfection … hec no!  But I am saying that God is so at work in us, that it is finally starting to manifest in a tangible way.  Ways that we and others can see.  A way worth celebrating and praising God for all He is doing.

I am not as negative as I once was.  I speak differently.  I have hope.  I have joy.  It is amazing the joy I feel each new day.  I look back now and go ewww, who was that woman, and why did anyone stick by her? 😉  God is so good and so gracious that He gives us friends that love us, even with our faults and failings.  Thank you Lord!

I take special delight in things like I never use to.  In quiet times with our children.  In playing a board game together.  In His word.  In listening to His still small voice.  In house work.  In a meal out with a friend.  In a date with hubbie or one of the children.  In listening to music.  In having fun at the park.  In being alone with myself.  In prayer time.  Many things are no longer chores or duties or obligations, but a true blessing.

I have struggled with an addiction to sugar and almost anything that contained it … in the flesh this has been a battle, an on-going one!  But the other night I said to God “hey I can’t do this alone anymore, please can you help me to give up sugar and treat my body better?”  It was sooo evident that He has answered my prayers when today, I managed to prepare/cook/plate up fudge brownie, lollie cake and apricot fudge slice (all three favourites of mine!) and not even take a single taste, and didn’t really even think about taking one.  Normally at least a few pieces of each would have gone into the mouth.  And while the brownie was cooking I felt sick at the smell rather then hungering for a piece.  Now that is what I call breakthrough!!  Oh thank you God!!

I see things differently – as learning opportunities rather then something to conflict resolve.  I would rather speak life then death over situations.  I can trust God with things and not worry like I use to.  I hold on to the verse –

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.  Phil 4:6

Not sure how any of this would have been possible a year ago – even months ago.  The grow is incredible and totally God.  Being ‘born again’ has completely changed my life, and so it should.  Not sure why it has taken this long to hand my life across to Him, except to say that the fleshly desires seemed to outweigh the Godly ones.  But no longer …

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17

Praise You Lord for ALL you are doing in and through me.  With You all things are possible.  I am nothing without You, but because of You I have life and have it in abundance!  Thank you Lord that I am a NEW CREATION!  Thank you that my identity is in You and not in this world.  I will choose to no longer conform to the patterns of this world, but testify to a renewing of my mind!  I choose to continue to walk this journey, no matter how hard it gets.  I will praise You in the ups, downs and everything in between – because You are worthy of all praise!  Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for allowing me to grow.  Oh God you are so good!


10 thoughts on “I’ve noticed …

  1. Please consider the how the work of the Holy Spirit is related to the wind (John 3:8). We all know that the wind goes before us, to the left and right of us, and behind us. It moves very fast, at a medium speed and a slow speed; sometimes it will stand still. We can’t see the wind, but we can tell “that it’s been there.” The same is with the Holy Spirit. When He comes into our lives, there is “no telling” what will happen as a result. Many blessings to you.
    John 3:3-8

    • You are such a great friend … One of the ones that I have been old me around, yet you have loved me so completely. What a gift your friendship is!! 😊
      Love you xo

  2. Hi Naggie,

    you pose this question to yourself and others “Being ‘born again’ has completely changed my life, and so it should. Not sure why it has taken this long to hand my life across to Him, except to say that the fleshly desires seemed to outweigh the Godly ones.

    You answer your own question at the start of the question. You are receiving more of His Spirit in you which means the outcome of this is there will be LESS of you. You can see who has been dominating your life – you -instead of His Spirit. I am about to do a number of teachings around being baptised in the Spirit and the purpose for it. Many think they are baptised in the Spirit when they unfortunately haven’t been. When one is baptised in the Spirit the results become quite evident. One of these results is
    “death to self” and selfish attitudes ,mindsets, heart posture etc. There is power that is deposited in us when we are baptised in his spirit.

    You are receiving more of His Spirit which means you are becoming less.
    John said it this way ‘He must increase and I must decrease”
    Keep pressing into this reality as this is how we are all to live our lives out as His followers.
    What is so sad is that this is how we are to start our journey on the first day
    we turn to Him and put our lives into His hands.

    be encouraged

    • Oh for the blind folds to lift and people to be released into truth. God is good and this life is so full. God never ceases to amaze me in all that He has for us.
      Thanks for your love and support. 😀

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