On the path that leads to Him.

After writing the blog about the things I have noticed changing about me, I had the privilege of listening to a friend of mine preach an incredible message, I urge you to listen to it here.  It was challenging, encouraging, and so bathed in truth … give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean – Go Sam!!

It’s funny how I wondered if I had in fact been born again.  I know satan would love to have me down the “rabbit hole of doubt”.  But Sam’s message encouraged me, that through the changes I can see when I look at my life, it is becoming evident that it can but only have been Him and a baptism I received from Him that has caused the changes in me.  I could never have done these changes in the flesh – believe me I have tried!

Those around me that watch how I am responding to situations can see that the old me has gone (well most of her!!) and the new me is choosing new responses.  I don’t say this to boast … trust me, none of this is possible in my strength.  God is doing a mighty work … and I know that He is far from finished!!

As I write this God is talking to me about clay pots.  Sometimes clay pots, when they smash, break into little biddy pieces … that’s me!!  When I broke, it was into tiny little pieces!  It wasn’t into a couple of easily repaired pieces that matched and could be glued together quick smart.  No this clay pot broke big time!   He nods and says “that gives me the chance to build a new pot.”

See God is the Master Builder.  And in my life He prefers to work with total re-build, that way none of the old pot still exists!  Otherwise the new pot gets tainted!  Consider this scripture …

And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the oldskins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.  Matt 9:17

I find it funny that I have read that passage of scripture and heard that scripture preached on, and thought I understood it, but as He gives it to me right now, a new revelation hits!  He can’t give me the new until the old is done away with, until I have died to self and put her aside and chosen Him.  Picked up my cross and followed!  Otherwise it is all lost in the old ways of my life.  The old responses.  The old me.  The old skin!  FLESH!

That is why I feel like a new creation, almost giddy with anticipation as to what lies ahead. Like a child in a dairy with their pocket money in hand!!  What could He possibly have for me??!!  What adventure awaits.  What is new for me today, that a relationship of intimacy with Him can reveal like never before?  Where to God?  Oh, just trust?  Ok.

I do trust Him like never before.  I know He has plans.  I know He has full picture.  And like any parent He wants the best for His children.  What more do I need to know?  He is who He says He is.  No questions.  No doubts.  No fear – except reverent fear of Him (that’s a blog all by itself lol).

I love what He is doing.  I love that through the tough part at the beginning of last year (Jan 2013) I didn’t abandon the process.  I love that even though I felt naked, alone and extremely vulnerable, I clung to Him and allowed Him to secure my identity firmly in Him.

Thank you Lord that you love me enough to refine me, even when the process is messy.  Thank you Lord that as the blindfolds are lifted, and my eyes opened I can see You.  And lastly, thank you that this blog wasn’t being written through that messy time – it might have looked very different, and lets be honest … me naked … not a good look LOL!! 😉


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