Still alive!!

Yes I am still alive!!  And yes God and I are still very much on a journey together.

It’s touching that people noticed I was ‘quiet’ – possibly because me being quiet is very out of character lol!!

To say that life has been crazy busy is an understatement. Good busy, but crazy non the less!!  Far to crazy to catch a moment to write.

Don’t get me wrong though … It has been an incredible few weeks of prayer, fellowship, exercise, discipleship, weddings, an overseas event, homeschooling, foster children, family, birthdays, life.

God has been in every square inch of it – down loading, refining, testing, reproofing, teaching, loving, strengthening, challenging and growing me. He has taught me that prayer is vital. That having answers isn’t always the key in tough situations, but listening to His prompting is.  Going where He tells me to has been an essential part of the journey. And taking Kingdom with me has meant for many wow moments with Him.

He is currently working on our patient endurance and trusting Him no matter what life holds. I believe all I need is Him, and all I want to desire is Him. That means choosing to put down the flesh and take hold of The Spirit. It really is a daily, sometimes hourly, decision to make. To be fair, I wish death to self was a little easier … Just saying!!

I was told once that if in water and you don’t know which way is up, you blow bubbles and follow them … And if its snow you are stuck in and you are not sure which way is up, you spit and dig the opposite way to the direction the spit goes. So, just wondering, when you feel like you are in the middle of no where and can’t see anything … Which way do you walk??

I wish God was in the habit of utilising signs posts! It would make this whole direction thing way easier to grasp. I get He says the way is narrow, but seriously, I think He forgot to mention narrow and INVISIBLE!!!!!

Not complaining! This journey is amazing. But not quite knowing what the next step is, for a planner, is very difficult and a big death to self. It’s a putting down the knowing, the planning, the control. It’s taking a deep breath whilst quietly whispering “Yes God you are in control!” This is not easy, but my trust is growing deeper with every breath. And my love for Him is growing as I hand Him the wheel and He shows me just how wonderful He is when He has my full surrender!!

As we wait and hold, He steadies us for the next chunk of the picture. I am sure if He gave it to me prematurely, before more growth has taken place, then I wouldn’t be sitting and holding, I would be running for the hills. I know the next step won’t be easy. My spirit senses the magnitude of it will take preparation in Him. I love that He knows the plans that lie ahead. He smiles at me as I write this, as He knows just what it takes for me to gaze into His eyes and say yes without even knowing what I am saying yes to.

It’s time to prepare the fields for rain. The flood gates are about to open. The tent pegs ever widening. The faith ever deepening.

He hasn’t said to build an ark, but to prepare heart, family and home for what’s about to take place … Watch this space!! 😉


12 thoughts on “Still alive!!

  1. We’ve been reading Exodus lately, and it teaches so much about how God works and His guidance. It’s interesting how He led the people into a seemingly impossible situation with the sea ahead of them and Pharaoh’s army behind them. Why? So that He could show His power and destroy that enemy forever.
    I believe that when it’s time He will make the path clear – no confusion, just peace – as obvious as a pillar of cloud moving in front of you in the desert. 🙂
    Love Jo

  2. Hi Naggie. The greatest mistake we make as His people is to think and believe that we can’t see what God has for us when we actually can. God’s will for His people is all the same. We are all invited to the same thing and we can see what this is if we seek this with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and yet most Christians have been taught and believe that there is this individual plan that God has for them only.

    This is a lie and many are beleiving it.

    We speak in this strange language like “I wonder what God’s will is for me. I don’t know what God’s will is?”. Jesus knew exactly what the Father’s will was and he came to be and do it.

    Romans 12:2 teaches us if our minds are renewed by the Holy Spirit then we will PROVE what His will is”.

    What did the scripture say? Prove His will.

    God speaks of His plans for us as His people and He revealed these plans to Paul who wrote about them in 13 books, so we are fully able to see what God has for us. I would encourage you to read Philippians 3:1-21 and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the living truth that is concealed for the church, because the living truth that is concealed is the will of God for us. Everything He has for us is contained within His living scriptures but our challenge as His people is being able to see whats there through the lens of faith.

    We are to see this picture that is concealed for us ( proverbs 25:2 ) if we are to truly know the will of God for the church. This is our purpose as His people.

    Help us Holy Spirit to “SEE”

    • Hey G.
      I think I need to explain myself better, perhaps somehow I have not articulated myself well …
      What I was meaning is knowing His will is to love Him and love others, but then the individual walking that out within ones gifts and ‘calling’.
      Maybe you mean there is no individual calling … But I would disagree, as His word says, some are called to teach, some healing etc … we are called to walk things out differently … 1 Corinthians 12.
      My desire is to walk in His plans and purposes, not my own. To not only go in the name of the Lord, but to go in His will too!
      We are facing some huge family decisions right now, and it would be easy to just sit back and ignore the tug at the heart strings, but God has said you will house the ones no one else wants, so we will press forward, knowing He has spoken, but not quite sure what that actually looks like yet.
      But He has our yes, for me it is the not quite knowing what our lives might look like tomorrow as we step out today.
      I hope that makes more sense now??
      Will chat in person soon.
      Much love … Nags xo

    • Hi there.
      Sorry this went to my spam … Lucky I checked it today 😊
      Thank you for asking permission … Appreciate that!
      You are welcome to share it.
      Natalie 😊

  3. Hi Naggie,

    Thanks for engaging in this process of contending for His revealed position and posture from His perspective of truth and not our own version of it. This is the challenge for all of us as His people. To be able to ‘see’ absolute truth. There are not manifold perspectives as many believe and think, but there is 1. Its Him. To be able to get Jesus’ perspective is where everything really begins and its what the enemy is so passionate to stop.

    Question: when you say to Love God and others is His will, do you believe this is all there is to His will or do you believe as we enter into this process ( the Great Commandment ), He starts to reveal more and more of His purpose ( His will ) for us as His people?

    To give context when I say “His purpose or His will for us as His people”, I am not talking about something that God has for us as individuals but as a whole. God’s will is the same for every single person who commits their life to Him.

    I love the part you write when you say “your desire is to walk in His plans and purposes”.

    Do you believe we are able to ‘see’ these plans and purposes now?

    We are not to get confused with the ‘works’ that He has prepared for us to do before we were even born, which you call ‘individual calling’ with His Macro purpose and plan for His church. Many do and this is where we get unstuck.

    Would love to hear your honest thoughts as to how you see things today.

    p.s i would encourage you and Glenn to have a listen to Sunday mornings message “true worshipper 3”

    Cheers Greg

    • Hey G.
      Thanks for your response and questions. I love that you challenge direct to the heart of matters and call us to question our journey … But in a good way lol. I love how you challenge me!!
      Now, I’m a little shattered today – to say the least!! But I will try my hardest to answer your questions.
      As I have begun this intimate journey with Him, I have felt that as He has drawn me deeper into Him, He has revealed more of His will for us. I feel like He reveals His heart, the closer I get. I think the loving Him and loving others is just the first step, and He wants to see your heart after Him and then the rest comes as our intimacy and hearing increases.
      So as He says “you were simply created to love Me”, and as I am obedient to that, He shows me more and more!! So yes, there is more then loving Him and loving others. And yes I believe that He can download that now. The question is … Are we ready, listening, obedient and available?
      Saw LJ today – and she recommended we listen to Sundays message … And had a couple of books to recommend too … So listening and reading and intimacy it is.
      Would love to talk more in person.
      Nags 🙂

  4. Hi Naggie,

    Love what I read here and I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. Not different to a human relationship of marriage. The more you come to know your husband/wife the more is revealed of who they are and the gold they carry.

    Yes be good to do dinner again soon.

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