It really is a key to the Kingdom!

I’m referring to discipleship – true, authentic discipleship!  Iron sharpening iron.  Contending for truth together. It is a key to our walk with Him. It is a key to growth. It is a key to learning. It is a key to love.


God has brought some incredible people into my life, and as we meet together regularly and openly, there is life. It is not about agreeing, it is about contending, sharing, loving, praying and walking. I am actually gob-smacked at how much life there is to be found here. There is such a depth of growth.

It’s like we just can’t talk about anything else but Him. It is so fruitful … I want to share it with everyone. I get to meet Christ through these people. I am not sure that I can give it the full measure that it deserves by simply writing about it. But I will give it my best shot!

When I get together with one of these God ordained friends we talk about life, what God is downloading and how our walks are going with Him.

There are no masks, no hidden agendas, no judgement … Honestly – it’s life, hope, prayer, truth, sincerity, safety … LOVE!!

I hear some of you saying ‘where do I get one of these friendships you speak of?’ And all I can say is – ask Him. These are not friendships I could have manufactured outside of Him. I feel so very blessed. And to those friends I say THANK YOU! Thank you for loving me for who I am and who He is creating me to be. I couldn’t walk this journey without love like yours. I love Christ in you all and that He is using you to grow me.

It never ceases to amaze me that He doesn’t need us in something, He just wants us! And from that surrender, He gets to bless and challenge. Wow. What an amazing God we love.

My prayer is that everyone gets to have friendships that they can experience the life of Christ as the centre and core of. That we can all have people around us praying for us. This life gets pretty crazy sometimes, and sometimes life takes hold, world gets the better of us, and before we know it our eyes are fixed on circumstances rather then on Him, and the gift of these friendships is to shake you out of the world, in love, and challenge you back into His mighty presence.

Just have to say though … Discipleship comes at a cost!! The cost is self! The cost is death to self!

God wants us in a position where He is on the throne. So these friendships don’t mean that you get to be on the throne. No, these friendships help you to stay off the throne.

Following Christ isn’t easy, but it’s the best way to walk. Walking intimately with Him and the friends He places in your life can be challenging. The great news is, there is love at the core and we need to hear, speak and walk in this love.
As 1 Corinthians 13 talks about – love never fails. And even though following Christ and walking out love can be hard, I can guarantee you … He is worth it!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “It really is a key to the Kingdom!

  1. Hi mate, I heard a message the other night about 3 words that changed the life of his christian life, they were “I give up”. He talked about leading God on a chain and asking him for what you want and what you expect. This really spoke to me as I feel, when we give it all over to him, the walk is so much easier and the pressure is off. The big thing is just sitting and seeking him, the peace does come. Love your writing!!!

    • Surrender is another key isn’t it!!
      It’s not easy, but so rewarding when we finally take hands off, get off the throne and give the steering wheel back to Him … Oh the freedom!!
      Praise the Lord 😊

  2. It is really incredible when you can see God bringing friends into your life and you just KNOW that they are from Him. I also love that all my closest Christian friends go to different churches from the one I attend. In fact, they attend four wildly different churches, from Pentescostal to highly conservative! This is true unity born by the Spirit of God, not manufactured.

    It’s a struggle for me because I’ve been let down very badly by Christian friends in the past. I find it hard to trust that my friends won’t suddenly turn from me or lash out and hurt me like I’ve been hurt before. But if our security is in Christ, that doesn’t need to be a fear, because He is our BEST FRIEND and His love is enough. We can love and serve our friends without expecting them to meet our needs.

    • Hey Jo.
      You have identified another key principal … Our identity is in CHRIST!! Therefore friends can come and go, and even hurt, but love remains and our identity in Him remains.
      I am loving testing my life against the Corinthians passage. It is a measure of Him, and if we are becoming like Him, then this is a good way to know the level of transformation in us.
      Bless you xo

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