Principle or purpose?

So I have been pondering the concept of my obedience.  Do I do it because it is the ‘right’ thing to do, or do I do it out of purpose, His purpose?  Do I do it because I love Him, or just because I think I have to?

For me, coming from ‘people pleasing land’, it is very easy to slip into the principle response; the ‘I have to’, the ‘I’m a good girl therefore I must’, the ‘it seems like a good idea so lets go with it’ response.

But I sense God wants more from my obedience.  Radical obedience.  Obedience that comes from a heart so hungry for His will that His purposes are realised by my act of obedience. Continue reading


Calm the storm …

Fundamentally, I know and believe that God can calm any storm, heal any disease, raise the dead to life, give sight to the blind, let the lame walk ……. The part He is teaching me is that, sometimes He doesn’t.

My question has been; “why doesn’t He?”

I know the standard answer is “we live in a fallen world.”  But when you are the one in the storm, that answer brings very little comfort! Continue reading

What do you mean ‘die to self’??

Last year, I said to God “what does dying to self look like?  What is it exactly Lord?”

He responded with an image of Himself simply stretching out His arms, as wide as they could go.

“Yep, I get it Lord.  But what does dying to self really look like, practically I mean?”

He showed me the picture again.

“Ok Lord, now I’m getting annoyed … what does it really mean?  I mean, how can I die to self?”

This time the picture scanned back and instead of the picture being just arms out stretched, it was arms out stretched … ON A CROSS!! Continue reading