Learn to celebrate Him!

I am not sure why God has suddenly stirred me to share this story – He began stirring me last night while reading another blog.  He asked me to share a part of it with the author of the blog.  And since then, He hasn’t let the thought of writing the whole story escape my mind.

I have been set free from many things in my past … many things.  As a result, I live in the now and celebrate that I am not a victim of my circumstances any longer.  I am walking in freedom.  I am walking in healing.  I am walking in Him, and lots of Him.  The danger for me is … I often forget to celebrate the victories, miracles and countless blessings He has bestowed upon me over the years.  I do this out of a desperation to not fall prey to the past hurts, thoughts, or binding chains ever again!  

Right now though, I feel Him calling me to celebrate … no to drag up the past, but to remember just how good He is and how much He has carried me through and set me free from!  Praise you Lord!

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