Born again?

I have never fully understood what it meant to be “born again”. I have heard people say it about themselves, and even asked it of me. I have been apprehensive to respond with a yes, without really knowing what I was saying yes to. It’s been one of those scriptures that I have glossed over and said “yer I get it”, but never truly did … Until yesterday morning!!

I was getting ready for the day, I had been praying in the shower, singing as I got out and then sorting clothes for the day, when this incredible joy just flooded over me … It was so surreal. I felt warmth, love, utter delight. I was just overwhelmed by His presence. Just in my room, nothing particularly special happening, just the normal daily grind of getting ready for the busy day that lay ahead. Continue reading


Am I the only one?

So, just wondering if I am the only one or if others struggle, on a daily basis, to spend time in the Word?

I know many don’t. Perhaps it’s a girl thing?  Perhaps a busy home schooling mum thing? Perhaps just a me thing? Continue reading

Struggling …

As I sit here this morning pondering all that He is downloading on me and all that He is calling me into … It seems so easy not to listen, not to change, not to be set apart.

Right now, being set apart feels like a battle, not a battle of His will versus mine, but of my flesh versus my spirit!  I really don’t want to stand apart in this world, because that brings unnecessary attention, and seems really hard! I want to hide under a rock and not come out so that no one asks what He is doing. Because what He is doing in me looks really different to the world around me.  Continue reading

What is church?

We are the church … Right?  The Bride of Christ.

So if we are the church … Then what are Sundays all about?

I am all for corporate gatherings, corporate singing, fellowship, learning, sharing etc … But have we possibly lost sight of what the bible would determine is church? Continue reading

What separates us?

A couple of weeks ago this is the question God whispered to me … And even since it has been a ‘shout out’ from every corner!

The question “what separates us?” has almost haunted me.  It keeps me up at night.  It has been preached everywhere.  It has been the topic of conversation in many places (and not always started by me lol).

So I have been meditating on it, praying on it, and most importantly, I have been seeking Him on it! Continue reading