Noah moment or Jonah moment?

Lets just begin by saying … I know I am not Noah – i.e. God has not said “hey Naggie, I have seen you and you are the only one that I have found righteous“.  No, no, no … that is not what I have heard đŸ™‚

The reason for this post is to share with you what God has been talking to me about over the last little while.  And to possibly help in those decision making moments that we all face … when we hear and either obey, or disobey.

God has been showing me, every time He talks to me about something, I have a decision to make, to hear and obey, no matter what the cost, that is, to have a Noah moment!”  Or to hear and disobey and walk the other direction, that is, to have a Jonah moment!Continue reading


Principle or purpose?

So I have been pondering the concept of my obedience.  Do I do it because it is the ‘right’ thing to do, or do I do it out of purpose, His purpose?  Do I do it because I love Him, or just because I think I have to?

For me, coming from ‘people pleasing land’, it is very easy to slip into the principle response; the ‘I have to’, the ‘I’m a good girl therefore I must’, the ‘it seems like a good idea so lets go with it’ response.

But I sense God wants more from my obedience.  Radical obedience.  Obedience that comes from a heart so hungry for His will that His purposes are realised by my act of obedience. Continue reading